[AGD011] Urban 209 - Street Dialect

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    • [AGD011] Urban 209 - Street Dialect

      Urban 209 - Street Dialect [AGD011] (Anti Gravity Device)

      1. Urban Pacification
      2. ONine
      3. Razor Waves
      4. Little True
      5. Sands of Lardossa
      6. Yellow Diver
      7. Extended Hours

      Digital release on: Bandcamp

      Label: Anti Gravity Device
      Cat. No: AGD011
      Release Date: 9 September 2015

      Produced By Szymon Zawadka
      Artwork By Szymon Zawadka
      Mastered By Space Thunder X

      Urban 209 PROFILE:

      Urban 209 is the alias name of Polish electro producer, Szymon Zawadka aka PL_anet.


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    • Our review of this great release:

      Straight from Poland comes the undisputed talent Szymon Zawadka aka PL_anet. Under his brand new alias Urban 209, the author of a notable discography with two albums on labels Borg Recordings and Electropunkz, invests this month in Japanese prime Electro imprint Anti Gravity Device run by AE35.

      Delivering his debut E.P. to date, the polish artist serves up on "Street Dialect" a copious digital pack with no less than seven cuts ranging from the Electro Bass to Electro Funk genres.

      In overture, "Urban Pacification" kicks things off with a powerful beat, eerie sounds and delayed vocals, drawing a dreamy atmosphere that could easily evolve into a nightmare. Ace!

      Submitting futuristic beats with an emphasis on dirty bass, "Onine" serves up a relentless track set to destroy any dancefloor thanks to a subtle use of 808 kicks. "Razor Waves" is another milestone of a track to bring closer to the sound of ADJ. A well cadenced rhythm over a classy melody drives the listener into a secured funky zone where he will easily...Read more!