Boscida Und Farcher - Rainbow Skies - Romantic Vocoder Funk

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    • Boscida Und Farcher - Rainbow Skies - Romantic Vocoder Funk

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      The Nu-Disco duo Boscida und Farcher's upcoming ‘Rainbow Skies EP‘ will be released via bnfmusic. One of the few mixes revealed is ‘Rainbow Skies Radio Mix‘, the track starts off with smooth Linndrum drums along a fat bassline which activates Nu-Disco thrashing beats that will take you a few years back, back to the 80s. The single is a welcome return to Boscida und Farcher's older sound, with hints of Nu-Disco, Electrofunk strewn all over it. "Rainbow Skies Spectral Mix" features a hard hitting percussive line, with melodic synth chords and awesome vocoder vocals providing the right balance of harmony to this uplifting edit that will find its way into many Nu-Disco sets! "Rainbow Skies Trichromatic" gives you a happy vibes as it starts with a plucky, melodic tune, later expanding its horizons with vocoder Vocals and progressive synths. The track starts building and moves to a relatively stronger drop with an arpeggiating tune over the drums, making the track an aural treat. The EP is laden with beautiful synths and melodic progressive pads that take us down the rabbit hole into a time when Electrofunk was the spoken language of a few who believed in music without boundaries and elements peaking our state of ecstasy and euphori