September 2015 Interview | A Credible Eye Witness

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    • September 2015 Interview | A Credible Eye Witness

      Sometimes, those things that seem to be rare are exactly the things that we think of as gems; those that come unexpectedly and take their time in bringing their gift to fruition. In the case of A Credible Eye Witness, this is exactly what we find, an artist whom we rarely hear from, yet always there hard at work, refining themselves as they continue to evolve ever so slowly and gracefully...and so it is without further ado, that we introduce you to this mysterious and fascinating Electro artist from Italy. Nexus 6 sits down with him to find out more about his story. You seem to be as rare as you are discrete. Please tell us more about you. Can you introduce yourself? Where do you come from?

      A Credible Eye Witness: My name is Emilio Urbano. I was born in Rome, but for a period of time I lived in Los Angeles. I love California and especially L.A.

      TB: Tell us about your musical background? What are your main influences, and who are your favorite artists past and present?

      ACEW: I started to play piano at the age of 9 and at 12 I got the conservatory diploma. I only loved to play music by Beethoven in those years but I had to study and play other classical composers as well, which I did not like. I then got tired of playing the piano and started to race motorcycles. In that period I also...Read on!

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