September 2015 Label Highlight | Body Control Records

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    • September 2015 Label Highlight | Body Control Records

      Based out of Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A., Body Control Records has been a non-stop force in our scene since 2013, bringing us a wide array of titles by some of your favorite artists like -=UHU=-, Robodrum, Weakmassive, and of course, label mastermind Mr. Myoplast. The label was originally conceived as Ben Wehunt, founder of the imprint explains: "after my good friend Kyle from Virtual Urban Records was putting out various compilations in which many of my music friends were involved. At the time I was listening to tons of DJ Stingray, Paul Blackford, Mandroid, Gosub, and other similar styles so I thought I may organize a compilation of my own. That is when the idea for Global Systems came along".

      A unique aspect of the label, is that as opposed to most other imprints that gear their releases to promote a specific label brand, Body Control Records aims at truly letting the artist's particular expression of the music, be equally expressed through the illustrations themselves. As Wehunt states: "the artist works directly with our illustrator and has their album look the way they want it. The album is to represent the musician, not the label".

      The label's first release came in 2014, with the release of Dorosoto's "Molly's Mood/Acid Industries" E.P.; an experimental Acid Techno invasion from Warren Kroll (Illuminated Paths, Milieu Music), followed by "Various Program Errors" by Kontyx. Not long after, the iconic "Global Systems" CD compilation would be released, catapulting the label to international recognition, with great artists such as Inkamera, DJ Stingray, and Gosub to name a few, leading the pack on what has been warmly received as an exciting and eclectic collection of music by many of the best artists of the past 2 decades.

      2014 continued to prove to be an exciting year for the label, bringing us several more digital E.P.'s like Cybertone's "Analog Symmetry"; featuring Mr. Myoplast on remix duties, as well as Resting Cell's "Cellular Damage", and CANVAX's menacing "Anomaly". The label also brought us some great CD titles like...Read on! :headphones:

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