DJ Dope-E | November 2015 feature

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    • DJ Dope-E | November 2015 feature

      [IMG:]If you are looking for old school Electro Funk, mixed with some of today's hottest Techno Bass records, then look no further than this jewel of a mix by L.A. based DJ Dope-E! Featuring a never heard track by Dr. Dre and Eazy-E called "It's In Control", as well as some other unreleased works by Cli-N-Tell (World Class Wreckin' Cru), this mix will take you on a journey back to the past where it all got started, as it slingshots you back to the future where tracks by Umwelt, Anthony Rother, Keith Tucker, and many others will round things off with style, precision and a dash of Sci Fi dystopian vibes.

      For those who don't know, DJ Dope-E is a highly accomplished Disc Jockey in his area of Los Angeles, having won multiple championships like in the 2013 "Astro Across The Fader" competition, as well as having been a finalist in the Red Bull Pacific Northwest competition. This month, he signs his first-ever feature to showcase his tenacity and showmanship as a true turntablist and lover of all things Electro what are you waiting for? Get in, buckle up, and let DJ Dope-E take you for a ride down the streets of the City Of Angels!


      1. Dj Dope-E - Intro
      2. Dj Dope-E - L.A Rockz- Ft. Cli-N-Tell (World Class Wreckin’ Crew) Crazy Dee (Panic Zone NWA)
      3. Ghosts In The Machine - Back to the city | Ghost recordings
      4. Rogue Planet - Brass Monkey Remix | Def Jam Recordings
      5. The X-men - Revenge of the X-Men | Macola Records
      6. Egyptian Lover - Planet E | Egyptian Empire Records
      7. Cybertron - R-9 - Melo-D Remix | Fantasy Records
      8. The Mechanic -Sweat | Techno Hop Records
      9. Dr.Dre/Eazy-E - It’s in control | Unreleased
      10. Cli-N-Tell - It’s time to jam (bonus) | Sutra Records
      11. Cli-N-Tell - It’s time to jam| Sutra Records
      12. Telesis - Telesis | Macola Records
      13. 2 Live Crew - C’mon Babe | Luke Skywalker Records
      14. Egyptian Lover - House on the nile | Egyptian empire
      15. Unknown Dj - Dance your ass off | Techno Hop
      16. Arabian Prince - Situation Hot | Macola Records
      17. Rampage - Big Breath | Ns007
      18. DynamixII - World Wide Funk | Wax Trax
      19. Champion/Mele - Get Down | Formula Uk
      20. Peaking Lights - Breakdown | Weird World Records
      21. Unknown Track
      22. Code Rising- What you got now | Code Rising
      23. Robot Machine - Master 6,7| Unknown
      24. Ohverclock - Illuminati Reptiles | Sagitille Future
      25. RRR U - Bert on beats | Man Recordings
      26. Dr. Dre/Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe | Interscope Records
      27. Big Daddy Kane - Raw - Stanton Warriors Rmx | Prism Rec.
      28. Kid Unknown - Nightmare | Warp Records
      29. Rabbit City - I need relief | Rabbit City Records
      30. Defeat - Sequence one | New flesh records
      31. Plant 43 - Gj1214b| W.E-X.Vol4
      32. Gab.Gat feat. Keith Tucker - Global Surveyor (Scape One Rmx) | Dominance Electricity
      33. Anthony Rother - When the sun goes down| PSI 021
      34. Drippin - Air Jordans | Lit city trax
      35. Ms. Dynamite - Boo! | Masterpiece Rec
      36. Kursa - Step to | Kursa
      37. Etch - Chemotaxis | Sony Space Time
      38. School Boy Q - Studio | TDE
      39. Skeemask - Cylo | Ilian Tape X 04

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