[AGD013] K-Tanaka - 2019-2015

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    • [AGD013] K-Tanaka - 2019-2015

      K-Tanaka - 2019-2015 [AGD013] (Anti Gravity Device)

      Live Album at “Electro Matsuri” (2015-08-29) Shinjuku, Tokyo.

      1. Input
      2. Eom
      3. Kanda
      4. AE35 - Underdrain (K-Tanaka Remix)
      5. CrazyRomantic - City Lights 90’s (696SystemS Remix)

      Digital and CD release on: Bandcamp

      Label: Anti Gravity Device
      Cat. No: AGD013
      Release Date: 5 November 2015

      Produced By Keiichi Tanaka
      Performed By Keiichi Tanaka
      Artwork By Keiichi Tanaka

      K-Tanaka PROFILE:

      Keiichi Tanaka is techno producer who based in Tokyo, Japan. And he is also known as member of Japanese techno group 696SystemS and he also manage Japanese techno label, Nekon Records. He was greatly influenced by Kraftwerk and he bolstered the Japanese techno scene from its dawning age.