(Interview) Lektroid: Richard Elliott Talks About His Love Of Music And Electronics

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    • (Interview) Lektroid: Richard Elliott Talks About His Love Of Music And Electronics

      Richard Elliott aka Lektroid has been a name to look for in the scene for a number of years now, but something you may not know is that this is nothing new for him. Having had a fair number of releases under the aliases "Brainstorm Crew" and "Wise Ones" during the height of the Rave era, and later in the mid to late 2000's as "Brainstormer"; which subsequently led to the creation of his infamous project in the Electro Bass scene as we know him today, Lektroid continues to gain ground as he builds a solid reputation for being a well-rounded composer, producer, and all around Electronics aficionado. Having built his very own Modular wall unit that would make Keith Emerson tremble at the knees, as well as some other cool gadgets like the "Lektrovox" vocoder, the artist is truly something very unique as his music represents in every way exactly who he is and what he wishes to convey sonicaly. This month, Santino Fernandez got a chance to catch up with him, as the two discuss his early life, career, love for electronics and the current hardware revolution...let's see what he has to say!

      Santino Fernandez: Welcome Rich, it’s a pleasure to do thi­­­­s interview with you. We are huge fans of your music here, and its amazing sense of depth and sentiment that it has. Briefly tell us how you got into making music, what were your main influences as a kid?

      Rich Elliott: It all started when I was really young. My mum would play classical music to get me off to sleep – I think it was the only way she could keep me quiet, as I was a very talkative child. She tells me that when the music came on I would focus intently on every note; she would explain what the music was interpreting. This was the start of my musical journey.

      Around the age of 12, I got into breakdancing after walking through the subway and seeing a couple of crews battling to Incredible Bongo Band’s “Apache”. I then started collecting music seriously, both Funk and Electro – I love those...Read on!