(Interview) David Noller aka Scratch-D From Dynamix II: The Legendary Pioneer Speaks Out

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    • (Interview) David Noller aka Scratch-D From Dynamix II: The Legendary Pioneer Speaks Out

      Dave Noller is one of those names that truly needs no introduction, a household name to die-hard fans of Techno Bass music all around the world, and a pioneer in his own right. Having been behind influential records such as "Techno Bass" on Chaos Records, as well as "Just Give The DJ A Break", "Atomic Age", and "The Plastic Men"; not to mention his own solo works as Scratch-D on labels like Zero One Music, Rephlex, Frajile Recordings, or Dynamix II Music, the man behind the iconic Dynamix II has been on an unstopabble path delivering mega-low bass drops, and ingenious programming to the masses, gaining the artist a reputation of being a sort of "Mad Scientist" for our music. This month, Santino Fernandez had the honor of speaking to him, gaining some insight into his background and accomplishments throughout his career...so with that out of the way, let's get on with it!

      Santino Fernandez: Welcome Dave! It’s an honor to have you spend some time with us to do this Interview. For those who don't know, tell us a little bit about your beginnings, what was life like for you that inspired you to get into making music?
      David Noller: When I was still a child, each Summer and Winter vacation I spent visiting my grandparents in New Jersey. It was there where I was exposed to the ground-breaking mix shows that were airing on New York’s radio stations like 98.7 KISSFM, 92KTU, 107.5WBLS and WHBI 105.9FM. It was a very magical time back then. Hip Hop culture was exploding all over the air waves on late night radio, and due to the popularity, soon mix shows began making their way onto daytime radio.

      There was a mix show on 92KTU called "Paco’s Supermix" that featured custom edited mixes by “The Latin Rascals”, Aldo Marin of Cutting Records & "The Dynamic Duo". I would record these mixes to cassette and listen to them over and over and over until I could...Read more!