Ari B. - February 2016 Feature

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    • Ari B. - February 2016 Feature

      Ari B. is one of the true die-hard Electro Bass and Funk enthusiasts pushing the sound in his country of Iceland, where he resides in the capital city of Reykjavik. But his tastes go even further, as he is truly an Electronic music aficionado, not held back by genrefications or formulas. His love aside from his family and nature, is that of music, period!

      Getting into the music back in the year 2000 as a young lad, his influences would primarily come from his uncle Quazar, who we must say is a pretty astounding Breaks producer, and no doubt a great inspiration for Ari as he began to explore the world of Electronic music. Then there was his super cool parents who would expose Ari to the sounds of Cypress Hill, Underworld, and Prodigy to name a few.

      Several years later, after starting the duo "Lotus-Robot"; which performed locally with a poet spoken-word style, he would slowly begin to compose and produce for several local indie acts, getting heavily involved in his scene, which as he puts it: "Is very tightly knit, and the artists are also the fans when the other people are playing. Everyone gets their time to shine."

      This month, he debuts internationally with his first-ever recorded mix, delivering the heat like the lava beneath the Icelandic hot springs with tracks by Alden Tyrell, Das Muster, Kretz, Simbiotek, Anthony Rother, and many more including some of his uncle Quazar's work which you must really hear. Mixed digitally, the effects, and different manipulations you will find here, not to mention the classy selection of tracks, will make for a very enjoyable set that will get you through your day with energy and soul. Don't miss it!



      1. Sem - Area 5 | TRON 7
      2. Andre Holland - City Of Fear | Underground Resistance
      3. Das Muster - Superzeichen | Transient Force ‎
      4. Keith LeBlanc - Move | On-U Sound
      5. Alden Tyrell - Clone Records | Clone Records
      6. Kretz - Errechen Sie Das Leben | Urkraft
      7. Symbiotek - Critical Error | Submerged
      8. Atlantis - Words From atlantis | Underground Resistance
      9. Fats Comet - Dee Jay’s Program | World Records
      10. Quazar - Wallbreaker | Unnasigned
      11. The Circuit - Loudspeaker (Alternate Version) | On-U Sound
      12. Anthony Rother - Redlight District (Dave Clarke Edit) | React
      13. Collapsicon - Six | Anti-Social Network
      14. Dynarec - In Your Hand | Vaporwave
      15. Morphogenetic - The Driven | Fundamental Bass Intelligence
      16. Transllusion - Walking With Clouds | Supremat
      17. Urban Tribe - Acceptable Side Effects | Rephlex
      18. Aux 88 - Let’s Dance - 430 West

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