Jackal & Hyde audio interview & mix (Bass Agenda radio show)

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    • Jackal & Hyde audio interview & mix (Bass Agenda radio show)

      Bass Agenda wrote:

      Each show I ask an electronic music producer to select some tracks that are important to them:

      (1) Track/s that influenced their starting to make music
      (2) Track/s that have blown them away recently
      (3) Their favourite own production(s)

      This week interview & selections from Jackal & Hyde, USA

      -Illektrolab & 4th Genome - Bass Agenda Intro
      -Jackal & Hyde - Bad Robot
      -Jackal & Hyde - 20,000 Freaks
      -Jackal & Hyde feat. Afro Rican - Give It All You Got 2000
      -Biochip C - Go Bang (Jackal & Hyde's Hydraulic Bass Overhaul)
      -Jackal & Hyde - This is the Sound of the Underground
      -Jackal & Hyde - Bad Robot
      -Jackal & Hyde - Dark Star (VIP mix)
      -Meat Beat Manifesto - Deviate
      -LFO - Simon from Sydney
      -Eon - Fear: The Mindkiller
      -Jackal & Hyde - Get Down to My Technique
      -Destroid - Raise Your Fist
      -Jackal & Hyde - Pied Piper
      -Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock
      -Hardknox - Come In Hard (Jackal + Hyde Ghost In The Loose A/C Mix)
      -Otto Von Schirach - Supermeng

      * The live set referred to in this show was only available to live broadcast listeners.

      More info about Jackal & Hyde's new release "Bad Robot" at: