Mr. Myoplast - April 2016 Feature

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    • Mr. Myoplast - April 2016 Feature

      This month we have the special privilege of featuring a very musically diverse artist in our scene, and that is Mr. Myoplast. With a small, but strong discography on labels like Japanese "Anti-Gravity Device", and UK powerhouse Militant Science, Mr. Myoplast has been on a non-stop quest to spread the sounds of Electro Music to the masses with keen determination.

      With the founding of his already legendary Body Control Records, which has been host to some of the great veteran artists like DJ Stingray, Luke Eargoggle, UHU, and Andreas Gehm, as well as having been a platform for new artists making a great name for themselves like Jerry la Flim, Weakmassive, Layup, and Wundertones, its clear that Mr. Myoplast is a force making his mark on the scene with passion and a unique sense for being forward-thinking, while staying closely connnected to his roots in the old school Rave scene and the beginnings of Electronic Music.

      This month he records his first-ever feature for us, including Body Control songs from Layup, N-Ter, and T/Error, as well as new and old material from many of your favorite artists and labels...Grab this one!



      1. Layup - Gravity - Body Control Records
      2. Koova - Links - brokntoys
      3. The Exaltics - Instinct - Solar One Music
      4. Biodread - Ground Assault Unit - Self Released
      5. Morphology - New Horizons - Central Processing Unit
      6. N-Ter - The Future Is Yours - Body Control Records
      7. T/Error - Ionizing Radiation - Body Control Records
      8. Microthol - mod_electro_mix4 - brokntoys
      9. Luke Eargoggle - Harbours Are Magic - Body Control Records
      10. N-Ter - Maschinen Technology (The Exaltics Remix) - Body Control Records
      11. Illektrolab – Real Pimp - Satamile Records
      12. Metacomplex - Android Opiate - Self Released
      13. Mandroid - Linear Phase - Breakin' Records
      14. Illektrolab – Android Humanoid – Self Released
      15. -=UHU=- - Find Yourself – Body Control Records
      16. Mr. Myoplast - Step Sequence - Infalux Recordings
      17. CN - Intraveneous - Central Processing Unit
      18. Paul Blackford - Depth Charge - Body Control Records

      Find out more about Mr. Myoplast: