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      Hi everyone, I hope you can't get sickness from my lunaticity and hyperelectronic idiotism.
      My name is Dynamixx Prince, I'm from Czech Republic, and what up, I'm happy to be part
      of this comunnity of electronic freaks..... I want to present you my older work from this year.....

      Platinum Mix Volume 1
      Now I'm workin' on LP and next Platinum Mixes, I hope you will like it

      01. Dynamixx Prince + Villie Mack & Hugo Toxxx - Intro + Rapgame Radioshow Cut
      02. Supercrooo - Domácí Vezení (2007 Remix)
      03. Dynamixx Prince vs Ural 13 Diktators + Steve Spacek - Disco Kings
      04. Dynamixx Prince vs Michael Knight (DMX Krew) - Knight Ryder
      05. Dynamixx Prince - Bass Crusades (Stadium Mix)
      06. Dynamixx Prince vs Pretty Tony (Freestyle) - It’s Automatic Baby
      07. Uni-Mate - Home Invasion (Dynamixx Prince Remix)
      08. Dynamixx Prince vs Knightz Of Bass - Da M-Pire (Re-visited)
      09. PSH - Praha (Dynamixx Prince Retro Remix)
      10. Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For (Dynamixx Prince Remix)
      11. Dynamixx Prince, Tribute to Karel Svoboda R.I.P. - CML (Visitors/Návštevníci TV Show)
      12. Dynamixx Prince - Skit + Breakdown ’’2003’’