Fleck E.S.C. - May 2016 Feature (live set)

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    • Fleck E.S.C. - May 2016 Feature (live set)

      Fleck E.S.C., the French via Japan purveyor of dark Electro Bass sounds, signs his first-ever TechnoBass feature with a heart-pounding blend of live improvised sounds and beats, as well as a couple of his previously released songs on labels CHP and Anti Gravity Device.

      If you haven't been keeping up, Fleck E.S.C. has become quite a name to look for in the scene, with release after release on well respected labels like Electrix Recordings, and Bass Agenda to name a few. A close ally of the Tokyo Electro Beat crew, Fleck E.S.C. is a dancefloor scientist on a quest to infiltrate the deepest of sonic fabrics, to unweave each strand and manipulate to his liking in a way that blends a tenacious sense of experimentation, while staying closely rooted in intriguing and thought provoking Electro sounds.

      Don't miss out on this very special live set, something we haven't had the pleasure of featuring in some time, here delivered with ingenuity and that unique knack for futuristic and intelligent Techno Bass music that only Fleck can deliver! grab this one!


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