VA - Urban Connections: Fifth Element [URBAN-05] [2016]

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    • VA - Urban Connections: Fifth Element [URBAN-05] [2016]

      VA - Urban Connections: The Fourth Phase [2016] [FREE DOWNLOAD]

      "Fifth Element" is the fifth installment of the "Urban Connection" series. Here we will present projects to producers (known or unknown) found anywhere in the world (known or unknown) from all corners of the planet. Similarly, the idea is the scene of electronic, Specifically (Breaks, Electro, Ambient or IDM).

      01. Weapons Of Bass Destruction - The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
      02. Cybernet 1202 - Intruder
      03. Dave Doma - Biotic Disorder
      04. MIDI K84 - San Francisco
      05. N-ter - Hidden Below
      06. Sigma Algebra - Mi
      07. Kima - Pleyako
      08. Order Of The Muffin - 9th
      09. Dave Doma - Perfect Psycle
      10. TECHcontrol - Cosmic Traveller
      11. PL_anet - Move Your Body
      12. Vema-Diodes - Bass Power
      13. Ticco Ross - Boundary Functions
      14. Laka 942 - Arcan
      15. Nessbeth - Expecting You
      16. Amper Clap - Civilizations
      17. Astro Quake - Panspermia

      URBAN CONNECTIONS is a project created by Amper Clap.

      I wish to thank all the artists that make up this volume, and I hope that everyone follows the same dedication to music forever.

      Released 3 June 2016