Kristina - June 2016 Feature

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    • Kristina - June 2016 Feature

      As one of the most successful female DJs in Spain, Kristina; formerly known as Missy Karma, delivers her first TechnoBass feature displaying the kind of unique affinity for our music that has driven her conquest of 15 years as one the most dedicated female DJs in Europe. Not being an exclusive Electro Bass DJ, but rather an eclectic performer with a love and passion for all things Electronic Music, her ability to draw in crowds from near and far is something truly special, and something that has helped the cause of the underground tremendously in a region thirsty for something bigger.

      This month, taking some time off from her busy schedule touring Europe, not to mention her latest 12" recordings found on her new label "AmSafe Traxx", here she delivers classics and new releases by artists like Drexciya, Morphology, Shiver, Versalife, 214, and many more!!! Don't miss out on this one!



      1. 214 - Binaural Affirmation | Shipwrec Records
      2. Mikron - Black Sand | Central Processing Unit
      3. Versalife - Interrogation | Frustated Funk
      4. Fatima Yamaha - Between Worlds | Dekmantel
      5. Dona - 303 State Of Mind | More about Music/Westbury Music
      6. Morphology - Mirror Comparartor | Central Processing Unit
      7. Shiver - Subsonic Soundscape | iK7
      8. Aux 88 - Side B | Puzzlebox Records
      9. Mekka - Fluxtone | Mokujin Recordings
      10. Zeta Reticula - Anaesthetic Wearing Off | 1605 Music Therapy
      11. I-F - Playstation #2 feat Helga la Blaque | Disco B
      12. Drexciya - Negative Flash | Tresor
      13. Cygnus - Make The Brain Relax | T.R.U.
      14. 214 - Pickles And Mints | Shipwrec Records
      15. Silicon - Sonic Rescue | Frustated Funk

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