Historical,30 years in the making! Legendary event coming LOL!

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    • Historical,30 years in the making! Legendary event coming LOL!

      So far Newcleus and Just-Ice ONLY have been confirmed (DJ's with laptops do NOT count as live acts)
      B-Boys were offered a huge payday of 1 thousand $ split three ways but turned it down. 8-) (how could they refuse such life changing money?)
      Now correct me if im wrong (which i am NOT 8-) ) but this huge mega event starts at 8pm,this leaves just 3 hours till 11pm for all "live acts" to perform. Unless ofcourse Streetsounds have some special licence which even Guns N Roses dont get without paying huge fines for playing past the live nazi curfu laws we have in the UK.

      The chosen UK Fresh 2016 venue holds 800.

      Just-Ice is under the impression there is gonna be a "whole lotta acts performing" if you see his video announcement. So just who else have they got lined up? Both Newcleus and Just-Ice are HEADLING so any other acts now added will be ofcourse nowhere near legandary status ....So dont be expecting anyone "iconic" to be added.

      Prove me wrong please somebody. :headspin: :headspin:


      B-BOYS have a post with a ton of replies here (including the Imperial Brothers..so forget them being added aswell)

      facebook.com/events/1751887841694873/ Get your tickets fast though as 28 people have already said they are going.

      UPDATE;. As usual the mods are deleting posts fast and furious. Apart from one guy who asked if anymore acts are being added...that was quickly gone...

      guess who was next up to get his post deleted! CAPTAIN ROCK! Seems he was ignored regarding this event (although he would of most likely played for nothing)

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