Favourite Streetsounds Electro Mix...

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    • Favourite Streetsounds Electro Mix...

      Hi All,

      Was a member here many moons ago (99/00) when I started to collect 12"s which escaped me in my youth. After a long layoff due to work, family etc I now have a better balance and have started collecting again and decided to sign up again - could not for the life of me remember what my username and password was back then!

      My aim is to get all the singles used on the Electro series (1-10) but I know "Star Raid" will most probably elude me unless I remortgage my house! While listening back to the old Electro's I thought I would ask you all of your favourite mix from the series.

      Personally for me it has to be on Electro 9 when Herbie masterfully blended "World Class" with "Needle To The Groove" to such an extent that I would rewind it (I stupidly bought mostly tapes back in the day!) and play it over and over again. In fact I still do. Close runner-up to that for me would be "Two, Three, Break" into "Don't Stop The Rock" on Electro 10.

      So, what was (is) your favourite from the series?
    • You wil find Star Raid on Ebay easily enough as there is no such thing as a "rare record" these days.

      However you will feel absolutely NOTHING by simply "winning" it from an online auction.

      I myself bought a load of vinyls on Ebay years back....but got rid of them within weeks since it felt utterly pointless having them since there was no HUNT involved...... HUNT being the word that so many people today just do not understand.
      I stupidly sold all my collection around aged 19/20 ..some 23 years back... and i will forever regret it.Even if I got back every single vinyl and cassette the magic has already gone..... It can't be replaced.

      The best Electro mix from that series ..... well its the couple of seconds when The Buck stops Here goes into B-Boys Breakdance
      Or maybe the split second where Home of Hip Hop goes into Terminator. .... sheer magic.

      music only needs a little split second spark to make it pure gold. Regardless of genre.
    • The streetsounds electro albums are very useful materials for studying the evolution of dj mix techniques.
      There's a turntablist technique named lyric cuttin where djs combine phrases from different sources to create a new sentence.This technique is showcased in many of the Mastermind mixes.

      Eg electro 3 , crucial electro 1 & 3.. electro 13 .. electro 9..Electro hip hop volume 16

      They also combined the a & b side and bonus beats to create a unique version. I edited my originals to sound exactly like the versions as some of the rearranged songs sound better than the originals.

      My highlights.

      Electro 9 ..World class wrecking Kru - world class mixed into Mantronix - Needle to the groove is very clever. It sounds like a mc named Mastermind is a member of the wrecking Kru . But Herbie Mastermind has actually manipulated a phrase of his name & also inserted the phrase " Because he is the mastermind " from Mantronix needle to the groove.into the mix.

      The verse is now

      "Next in line is Mastermind super def creator of mc rhymes
      Well, I'm the genius, the mastermind super mastermind super mastermind
      super def creator there is none greater. Because he is the mastermind.

      New York v Los Angeles beats .

      Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force - planet rock & Hashim - Al naafiysh edits are very technical.. Mastermind Herbie creates a stutter tape edit loop intro ( party people yeah yo get funky yeah ,eah eah eah eah eah eah eah eaeeaeaeaeaeh just hit me.

      Dj's normally mix & increase the tempo from low to high to help raise the excitement. Herbie creates a high to low tempo mix beginning with Planet Rock & ending with Utfo - Roxanne Roxanne.

      Electro 3 Divine Sounds - Dollar Bill..( removed the depressing synth parts ) Imperial brothers - We come to rock & Newcleus jam on it has seamless mixing & editing. "she looked so fresh" jam jajajajaj jam on it edits.

      Electro 7 Egyptian lover - girls cut & mixed into unknown dj - 808 beats where all the girls names are being referenced.

      Egyptian Lover has heavy breathing on many of his songs. Cheeky Mastermind inserts don't breathe ( taken from Richard Pryor - heart attack routine ) in the edit . He reverses some audio & also drops the classic Herman kelly - dance to the drummers breakbeat in the mix.

      Crucial Electro 1 ...So many tracks were re-arranged to sound better than the original (eg Tyrone Brunson - The Smurph ) then you have Warp 9 Nunk & light years away mixed out & mixed in again.

      Hip Hop Electro 14 .. Awesome Foursome - Monster Beat . Was practically a scratch remix lyric juggling / editing " Dont ever underestimate the mastermind"

      Electro hip hop 19. Herbie mastermind makes the record skip on Boogie Down Productions - Poetry where Krs 1 says " the beat may drop "

      Specially mixed by Mastermind was an understatement if you compare album versions with the original tracks.