[AGD017] Order Of The Muffin - UNIT 83 EP

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    • [AGD017] Order Of The Muffin - UNIT 83 EP

      Order Of The Muffin - UNIT 83 EP [AGD017] (Anti Gravity Device)

      1. UNIT 83
      2. Analogue Bastards
      3. Next Generation

      Digital release on: Bandcamp / Juno Download

      Label: Anti Gravity Device
      Release Date: November 3, 2016
      Cat. No: AGD017

      Produced By Nikola Zhevairovski
      Artwork By Inhuman Designed
      Mastered By Space Thunder X

      Order Of The Muffin PROFILE:

      Nikola Zhevairovski aka Order Of The Muffin (OOM) comes from Skopje, Macedonia, a small country that pulsates in the centre of the Balkans, where he was repeatedly inspired over the years to displace his appendages on the dance floor to the sounds of various Macedonian artists.
      Their influences together with those of multitude of other global Electronic artists took him to the point where he himself started to experiment with sounds and to create his own tracks that in his words, hopes to only stimulate release of positive energy and erupt passion in other open-minded and mischievous entities as himself.