[AGD018] PC-8 - Robocop (feat. AE35)

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    • [AGD018] PC-8 - Robocop (feat. AE35)

      PC-8 - Robocop (feat. AE35) [AGD018] (Anti Gravity Device)

      1. Robocop
      2. Robocop (King Of Opus Remix)
      3. Robocop (K-Tanaka Remix)
      4. Robocop (AE35 Remix)

      Digital and CD release on: Bandcamp
      Digital release on: Juno Download

      Label: [url='http://anti-gravity-device.com/']Anti Gravity Device

      Release Date: December 8, 2016
      Cat. No: AGD018

      All Tracks Written, Produced By PC-8 and AE35
      Visual Work By Tetsuya Maedomari
      Directed, Mastered By Keichi Tanaka

      PC-8 PROFILE:
      The legendary Japanese techno unit of Kiyoshi Hazemoto who is active under the name of Sigh Society etc and Naka Tomizawa of KING OF OPUS.

      After forming in 1991, they performed live-sets mainly in clubs in Tokyo and also provided music to major label compilation album and appeared on TV programs. In February 1992 they played as the opening act of the 808 State tour to Japan, then dissolved.

      After that, Kiyoshi Hazemoto participated in a compilation album under the name of Interferon and released an album from Transonic Records. In the name of Sigh Society, mainly active live-sets, release of EP, remix of Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk) etc. Naka TomiZawa has released albums from Transonic Records, Avex and ExT Recordings under the name of KING OF OPUS.

      They resumed activities as PC-8 in 2011 and released from Transonic Data Archives an album that contains songs participating in past compilation albums and remixes dealt with by each member. After that they perform live activities, and played front act of Cutemen in December 2016.