Illektrolab: Life, Bass And The Careful Balance Between Man And Machine (Interview)

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    • Illektrolab: Life, Bass And The Careful Balance Between Man And Machine (Interview)

      Sometimes, conciliating Electro with your way of life can be sporting. For almost 2 decades, Jason McCracken aka Illektrolab (Satamile, Duality Recs, Advanced Robotiks) has been haunting warehouses worldwide with some of the harshest dancefloor beats and subsonic Bass. But did you know that this versatile artist hailing from Arizona was also an adventure lover who found his Paradise in Costa Rica? Let’s talk about music, snakes and wild landscapes around a bonfire with this Electro survivor, author a few weeks ago of a brand new and must have 12'', "Illahertz", on the Shipwrec label out of Holland.

      Chris Nexus 6: Welcome Jason, we’re extremely proud and honored to do this interview with you. I am a huge fan of your music since the first time I discovered it on Satamile. Could you briefly present yourself a little bit? How did you get going performing and releasing records?

      Illektrolab: Thanks Chris, and all of the TB crew and friends tuning in. The pleasure is all mine and thank you guys for the huge support and brainwavez over the years! My music quest began at a pretty early age and was greatly influenced by scratching and the Hip Hop culture/Turntablist movement in the 80’s. I was absolutely fascinated by the Graffiti, Breakdance, and DJ culture, however coming from a very small town there wasn’t much of an "underground" outlet or influence available so we started it.
      At the time I had no real idea how to properly mix, which in the end was a great thing, as I became self-taught, and sort of developed my own style, which back in the day was very helpful in getting things going globally. I also had an absolute obsession with scratching which helped pave the way during the time of tuning the mix aspects. In the early days what started as a bunch of friends (Bumpkin Family) and several outdoor raves in the forests and deserts with generators and soundsystems, began to progress very fast and within a...Read more!