[AGD019] M3taN01a - Experiment 69

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    • [AGD019] M3taN01a - Experiment 69

      M3taN01a - Experiment 69 [AGD019] (Anti Gravity Device)

      1. An
      2. Rhein
      3. Successful Lander

      Release on: Bandcamp / Juno Download

      Label: Anti Gravity Device
      Release Date: February 16, 2017
      Cat. No: AGD019

      Produced By Vuchko Neziri
      Artwork By Inhuman Designed
      Mastered By Space Thunder X

      M3taN01a PROFILE:
      Vuchko aka M3taN01a was born and raised in Gostivar, Macedonia.

      TheirHe showed his talent and interest in music from an early age and began playing different kinds of instruments since he was a little kid, trying different styles and different genres. In his teenage years he developed a great interest in electronic music. His talent was recognized by the Mexican label Mission 115 for whom he released his first ep in 2014 under the alias M3taN01a.