New release on Elektrodos Recordings: Sigma Algebra - Funaphy

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    • New release on Elektrodos Recordings: Sigma Algebra - Funaphy

      New release from Elektrodos Recordings: Sigma Algebra - Funaphy

      Cat. No.: E2REC-002
      Label: Elektrodos Recordings
      Artist: Sigma Algebra
      Format: Digital
      Release date: 28 Feb. 2017 (Bandcamp)

      The second EP release on Elektrodos Recordings come from Spanish DJ and producer Eduard Jiménez, aka Sigma Algebra. Veteran DJ with many years on the wheels of steel as DJDG!, he has also started to produce his own music now. From the start, he has developed his own dark, techno and IDM influenced brand of electro with tracks such as "Pi", on the ELEKTRODOS The Compilation Vol. 2 release, as well as many other mathematically themed masterpieces.

      This musical mathematician delivers a 4 track EP titled "Funaphy", a work true to the goals of his Sigma Algebra project, that encompasses electro, with a taste of techno and a definite flavor of IDM. Title track "Funaphy" is a dark and moody electro track. The remixed "Lamed" is energetic IDM-infused electro, leading up to the fully loaded dark atmospheres of "Mem" before the EP closes with techno-themed dark electro banger "Tet".

      This EP is available on our Bandcamp page, as a "name your price" download.