VA - Urban Connections: Seven [URBAN-07] [2017]

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    • VA - Urban Connections: Seven [URBAN-07] [2017]

      VA - Urban Connections: Seven [2017] [FREE DOWNLOAD]

      "Seven" is the sixth installment of the "Urban Connection" series. Here we will present projects to producers (known or unknown) found anywhere in the world (known or unknown) from all corners of the planet. Similarly, the idea is the scene of electronic, Specifically (Breaks, Electro, Ambient or IDM).

      01. The Klash - Man Machine (Zeitmodelle Re-Work)
      02. M3taN01a - Centrifugal Force
      03. DVS NME - The Collective
      04. TECHcontrol - Merry Go Round
      05. Negocius Man - The Piramid
      06. Dave Calculator - Electro8ball (Lost Version)
      07. Dark Vektor - Let The Rythm Take Control (scratches by Downrocks)
      08. Öwen Bones - Darko
      09. Habitable - Paranoid
      10. Laka942 vs Amper Clap - LK 01
      11. Xium - Laffoley
      12. DominioN - Raptor
      13. The Bandit - 2000 M
      14. Sigma_Algebra - XI
      15. Nacho Zambrano - Change Of thought
      16. Carlos Sicrock - Contact
      17. Kitty Von Maisen - Tu Indiferencia
      18. MIDI K84 - Vuia
      19. AECK - Return To The Nerve Center
      20. Space - Ballad For Space Lovers (Dr Floyd Recover)

      URBAN CONNECTIONS is a project created by Amper Clap.

      I wish to thank all the artists that make up this volume, and I hope that everyone follows the same dedication to music forever.

      Released March 13, 2017