Brexit and the future of Europe

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    • Ah like my avatar Matt ha ha :D So much negativity from the Euro sceptics but trust me brother we have made an incredibly brave and correct choice....interestingly the cracks are starting to appear already across the Channel with regards other countries wanting to follow suit, a Domino Effect will ensue I promise. Be it 2 years or be it 20, the European Union will not stay as it is presently. The UK is only small in size but jeez when it comes to politics we are giants :o

      We basically just want to carry on buying & trading etc but without the bullshit regualtions/redtape from Brussells that they dish out to every country in the Eurozone. You need to get out to bud, the tossers at the top are only in it for themselves bro - just think about it
      Postcode're thick if you deny it exists
    • I think it was a poor decision based on fear mongering and misinformation fed by rightwing populist tabloid media (controlled by tossers at the top in the UK) to the masses who don't have a chance to get the full picture and look beyond the "let's be great again" gut feelings. I do think the EU in it's basic idea is a good thing but does indeed need reforms on some levels. Eventually I think the EU will do fine without the UK, and I can't really see how the UK would benefit from its exit in long terms. I'm curious to see if Scotland will manage to get out of this desaster with a second referendum over their exit from the UK.

      But hell, in the end, what do i know. Good luck everyone!
    • Everything will turn out fine bud but I must add it wasn't our government who decided this, it was us lot the British people. The government have had to follow through our wishes to leave Matt. Theresa May was in the Remain Camp. Brexit voters were portrayed as right wing dick heads (media for you) but in reality we just want it pre Common Market days, nice and simple and no bollocks from jumped up non elected MEPs in Brussels And sod UKIP too, scum!!
      Postcode're thick if you deny it exists