Old School Electro V Nu School Electro

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    • It's just not that simple. If it's really about the sound for you (not about a general generations thing), I don't think you really have digged deep enough. :)
      Since the 90s there were all kinds of different "new" Electro productions. Some done with analoge equipment emulating the 80s style down to a tee, some done with state of the art software emulating the 90s electro styles... and everything in between.

      You just have to dig deep to find something that fits your taste.
    • It really is simple, it only becomes complicated when one over analyzes the subject matter.
      I'm truly not averse to all nu school but lets face it Matt could you personally better anything that sounds anywhere near as good as the instrumental version of We Come To Rock for example? I know you couldn't because it would be like asking an artist with top class paints and brushes to better anything that Caravaggio ever created on canvas ha ha.....impossible.

      When you get down to the nitty gritty nu skool tunes really aren't masterpieces mate ;) Some nice ones yes but just not got that......well you know.......class :D
      Postcode lottery........you're thick if you deny it exists
    • You should consider two things...

      Usually people rate the music that they grew up with the highest. If your taste in Electro was shaped in the 80s, then this will always be the music you feel the most and all styles that emerge from it later on will feel like a pale add-on that doesn't quite get it right. My Electro taste was shaped in the 90s, so the 80s Electro was just one part of it all and not the ultimate one and only style. So it is all subjective.

      And don't forget that music production techniques have gotten so much easier in the last ~30 years. There now is an ever increasing flood of unfiltered, unpolished productions out there, so it costs much more effort to get to the good stuff. In the 80s the music world was much more save and simple to follow, not least because the obsticales to produce and release were so much higher.

      I'm still not sure how you define "new school". To you that's everything (on here considered as "Electro") released after the 80s? Or all new Electro productions that don't emulate the 80s style? Either way, it doesn't seem like that you have put that much effort in your search or maybe just are not very interested in new things anyway. Which is fully ok, if you are still happy with the old school. (Btw, If you are mostly referring to those "Nu Electro" compilations, yes, they were not all that great and classy, but that's another (long and subjective) story. :D )

      There's a bag of completely different new "Electro" styles out there that over the years generated lots of classy quality tunes and "classics" (as far as that's possible in a tiny niche genre), but you have to be open for it... :hook:
    • Just trying to look objectively on your subjectivity. ;D

      To fairly compare music from different decades you should look at the contexts as well. And we could go on about why songs actually become "classics". I think it has more to do with releasing things in the right place and time, good PR and multiplying factors of a big scene (which all together have a huge effect on how things are perceived) than solely the quality of a song. Release "We Come To Rock" today (or any of the other 80s tracks considered classics) and it would probably be nothing more but another "nice" tune that not that many people will ever even get a chance to hear.
    • AITCH-SKI wrote:

      We Come To Rock was already re-released Matt a few years and the copies were snapped up pretty much straight away But I wasn't saying to release it again buddy, go back and read again
      I know, I was just giving an example. I don't mean re-release. I mean imagine erasing a "classic" like this from the past and release it newly nowadays. How far do you think this would get in todays tiny market/scene for this music? No much further than other newly released quality Electro productions I think. I guess you would consider it a nice song but probably not the mega classy classic simply because you didn't grow up with it, it never went through the mechanisms of a proper music industry and because it would be missing that aura of the golden days of Electro that these kind of 80s songs have and have been presented / sold / hyped with ever since.

      Just saying to point out that it's not solely about the quality of a song how it's perceived and rated. Therefor I think a lot of the quality Electro songs released new today would have performed way better and would be labeled "classics" by now if they had been part of the big Electro boom in the 80s.

      AITCH-SKI wrote:

      Another thing Matt, when did you start listening to Kraftwerk? Was it in the 90's because you state that your electro taste was shaped in this era. I started listening to them from 1977 onwards, thats when my electro shape was shaped. I guess you must be quite younger than myself bud
      I was built in 1979. Like I said, when I started to listen to Electro in the early 90s it is was a mix of old and new productions at the time and with fresh ears I just choose the best of it all. But I can understand that many of the people growing up with the first generation of Electro will always identify stronger with those productions. I just don't like that "it was all better back in the day" kind of attitude, because I think for all the mentioned reasons it IS completely subjective. :)

      Anyway, my 2 Euro-Cents... :D