Cli-N-Tel "2030" remastered & remixed (Dynamik Bass System, Blotnik Brothers, DJ Overdose & more!) Ground Control 12" vinyl

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    • Cli-N-Tel "2030" remastered & remixed (Dynamik Bass System, Blotnik Brothers, DJ Overdose & more!) Ground Control 12" vinyl

      Ground Control presents
      CLI-N-TEL "2030" - the 80s Electro classic remastered & remixed!

      4trk vinyl EP and 9trk download album incl. remixes by Dynamik Bass System, Blotnik Brothers, DJ Overdose, Utilizer, Bass Junkie, Dark Vektor, Darxid and DJ Xed!

      ▶ 12" VINYL (black)
      ▶ 12" VINYL (transluzent red)
      ▶ 12" VINYL (rare test pressing - 15 copies)
      available via Save Our Sounds:

      ▶ DOWNLOAD (9 tracks)
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      Hailing from the first wave of American West Coast Electrofunk that brought us classic from the likes of The Egyptian Lover and Dr. Dre, Cli-N-Tel—a member of the legendary World Class Wreckin'Cru—released the song "2030" on Unknown DJ's label, Techno Hop, in 1986. More than 30 years later, it has become an essential of the genre and is now celebrated with this overdue rerelease.

      Along with the remastered original version, the German label, Ground Control, is proud to present a package of fresh remixes from renowned artists of the current international Electrofunk scene—including the initiator of this project, DJ Xed, from Croatia. More remixes come from Sweden's Blotnik Brothers; Dynamik Bass System and Darxid out of Germany; dutchman DJ Overdose; Dark Vektor from Spain; the British Bass Junkie and Croatian duo Utilizer. BUST IT!

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      Playlist with all 9 songs on YouTube:


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    • Tune in today @ 3pm EST (8pm UTC), for the June episode of Voltage Controlled. This time around Morphogenetic showcases new works from the Electro Empire label group, with new tunes from Cli-N-Tel on Ground Control Records, as well as a firey new hit from the Ohverclock boys, not to mention a real catchy jam from Electro Funk overlord CeeOnic. You have to hear this stuff! :)