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      As a current "Premium" Spotify subscriber (formerly a FREE Pandora user), I have to say that while I am sometimes impressed they have some Electro releases readily available (i.e was kind-of suprised to see stuff from Frank DeGroodt as "The Operator" as well as a number of Djax-Up-Beats releases), the quantity and quality are still not enough to satisfy my appetite. I have to admit owning well over 300GB's of music digitally (about 60% .MP3, the other 40% in .WAV format and growing) and some being vinyl records from my own collection I've digitized (and still have a ton more to record), I find that no one music streaming service satisfies my needs. I have my own storage system (small 2TB Western Digital NAS running two drives in RAID 1 / Mirrored config) that I could technically use to stream my own collection, but the mobile app lacks terribly in functionality and doesn't cache much nor compress the data. Not to mention, creating my own playlists is tedious. I've tried "Apple Music" as well (considering I'm an iDevice user), but I didn't find any additional releases that really would justify the switch (and quite frankly I am not a fan of iTunes.) Lastly, my mobile provider's 5GB monthly data allotment doesn't leave me much room to stream to my hearts content. Short of carrying a thumb drive I've loaded-up with my own collection, I'd dare say I kind-of wish I could find some folks willing to collaborate to design a small streaming music service to cater to our individual liking that could offer a reasonable compression scheme, a good "randomizing" algorithm, a huge selection of Electro (and in my case - Breaks from the early 90's through the early to mid-2000's) and a simple but intuitive user interface. Guess I'm asking a bit much but I wonder what services and constraints (if any) you all run into and if there's any of you that find yourselves in similar predicaments to mine in-regards to finding good (Electro / Bass / Breaks) music to listen to while on-the-go without having to put too much thought or effort into creating "Playlists" or even my own "Mixes" (which I haven't done in years since I don't have nearly the amount of "free time" nor inspiration to do-so.)

      Mind-you in-regards to other genres of music, I really have no major complaints with Spotify currently, but I find the lack of (good) Electronic music (especially in the Electro / Bass / Breaks realm) rather discouraging. :(