Drox - Whiskey Bass Mix

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    • Drox - Whiskey Bass Mix

      A mix made while I was supposed to be doing other stuff but was drinking birthday whiskey and making noise instead. This will be the last before packing up the rest of the studio and moving to the new digs so thought I'd share. Includes good tunes and good vibes. RIP Studio B
      Frequencies - Dynamic Bass Systems - [International Deejay Gigolo]
      Program The 808 - Freak Force Crew - [Miami Bass History]
      Salpica (Miami)- Otto Von Schirach - [Monkeytown Records‎]
      Patternmaster - Dexter - [Klakson]
      Testarossa - Mr. Velcro Fastener - [E:Motion]
      Boddika's House - Boddika - [NakedLunch]
      Electric Sheep - Mysteryman - [Over-X-Posure]
      Sole Waves (Claperation Mix) - Sole Tech - [Detrechno Records]
      Jit The Anthem (JIT Original Mix)- Sole Tech ‎-[Detrechno Records]
      Dead Letter Drop #1 - Unknown Artist [White Label]
      Work It - Addison Groove - [Swamp 81]
      The Toy Boxx - The Octagon Man vs Depth Charge - [D.C. Recordings]
      D Old School Dances (Mad Mike Mix)- Rashid Salaam - [Zero Degrees]
      Cinematic Automatic - Le Car - [Intuit-Solar]
      Let Your Body Rock - Cybonix - [Frustrated Funk]
      DJ Business - Mystery Man - [Fokus U.K.]
      Non Stop Cut And Paste (Pirate Soundsystem Remix) - Si Begg - [Noodles Recordings]
      Hostile Bacteria - L.A.M. - [Hardwax]
      Toxic TV - L.A.M. - [Hardwax]
      Shake Yo Body - Cybonix - [Frustrated Funk]
      Sexual - Addison Groove - [Swamp 81]
      D.E.T. (Vocals – Fletch Flex) - 313 Bass Mechanics - [Breakin' Records]
      Electro Soul - Reckless Ron Cook - [7 Days Ent.]
      Direct Maniac - B Calloway - [Electrofunk Records]
      Dirty Drink Dub - Disco D ‎- [GTI Recordings]
      You Need Another Drink - Disco D - [GTI Recordings]
      313 Invasion - Digitek - [Breakin' Records]
      Mirage - Perception - [Underground Resistance‎]