[AGD026] Carlos sicRock - Mechanical Possession

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    • [AGD026] Carlos sicRock - Mechanical Possession

      Carlos sicRock - Mechanical Possession [AGD026] (Anti Gravity Device)

      1. Passages and Pieces
      2. Reflection
      3. Elements
      4. Mechanical Possession

      Digital release on: Bandcamp

      Label: Anti Gravity Device
      Release Date: 2018 8 Feb
      Cat. No: AGD026

      Produced By Carlos sicRock
      Mastered By Space Thunder X

      # Carlos sicRock PROFILE

      "Carlos sicRock" better known as "Pasta" or "Carlitos" of the Barcelona based forerunner breakdance crew "The Break People Y Los Home Boys".
      His first approach to Electro goes back into times of studying at the university and it won't stop for "Carlos sicRock”.


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