Negocius Man - X-Type (MR010)

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    • Negocius Man - X-Type (MR010)

      Hi Robots!!! Good to all, I hope everything goes well, I do not complain with the truth I continue with my plan and all goes well, I write because I have new reference available and we will be doing 10, I hope that you like a bit experimental that the It's hard to understand the concept, the rest of the content on the page is below. Thank you very much for your time, Greetings.

      Roberto Rey.

      Microm Records reaches the tenth reference the plan follows its established rhythm to take 10 releases and from this decision its new course.

      X-Type (MR010) It is an experimental project of electronic music, some next to jazz, although as a brand of the house marked by the electro, at the same time, it collects tracks that have been left out since the beginning of the label and I think that to be more coherent will consist of 10 tracks.

      Written and produced by Negocius Man
      Mastered by Negocius Man at Microm Studio
      ArtWork: Roberto Rey

      All rights reserved


      1.Bunraku (2015)
      2.CDM3 (2018)
      3.Bass Xperiment (2014)
      4.Psinoma (2014)
      5. The machinist (2013)
      6.X-Type (2016)
      7.Video games (2017)
      8. Space Racers (2015)
      9. My vision of Electrofunk (2017)
      10.Lost Track Of Jazz (2016)
      Negocius Man :headspin: