Global Surveyor 4 (Dominance Electricity) 4x12" / 2xCD ...Anthony Rother, Hardfloor, Silicon Scally, Middle Men...

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    • Global Surveyor 4 (Dominance Electricity) 4x12" / 2xCD ...Anthony Rother, Hardfloor, Silicon Scally, Middle Men...

      Various "Global Surveyor: Phase 4" (Dominance Electricity, DE-025)

      Electro globalisation. The German label Dominance Electricity presents Phase 4 of the Global Surveyor various artist album series. The 24 carefully-selected ELECTRO productions out of 13 countries / 5 continents are ranging somewhere between classic Electro/Bass, deep space cruising downtempo, playful Kraftwerk'esk melodies, acid basslines and ambient synth magic.

      A1. Heliopause (aka Dynamik Bass System & AUX 88) - Electro City [Germany / USA]
      A2. Middle Men - Space Quest II (Earth Odyssey) [UK]
      A3. Dibu-Z - Remote View [Germany]
      B1. Kalson - Global Surveyor [Serbia]
      B2. Anthony Rother - Matrix [Germany]
      B3. Keen K - Cat In Space [Germany]
      C1. Tekkazula - Enya [UK]
      C2. Patronen - Zukunft Flug [Netherlands]
      C3. Wilx - Vengonost [UK]
      D1. Amper Clap - Desolation (Robyrt Hecht Remix) [Spain / Germany]
      D2. Tyraell - Paleocontact [Australia]
      D3. Silicon Scally - Machine Bias [UK / France]
      E1. C*NT - Hunter [France]
      E2. Blake Casimir - At The Outer Sector [UK]
      E3. Low Orbit Satellite - Projected Memories [Russia]
      F1. N-Ter - Agram Sunrise [Croatia]
      F2. Obsolete Robotics feat. Phil Klein - Walk Alone [UK]
      F3. Hardfloor - Diet Starts Monday [Germany]
      G1. Energy Principle - Tempus Fugit [UK]
      G2. Fleck E.S.C. - Phase 4 [Japan]
      G3. ADJ - Days Of Light [UK]
      H1. Pi-xl - Disciplinary Action (Remix) [Spain]
      H2. Rauschenmaschine - Nebulous Spirograph (Subatomic Mix) [Finland]
      H3. Visonia - Nausicaa [Chile]

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