the first unique copie

    • Vinyl

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    • the first unique copie

      hi all, just want to present the first unique copie of Electrodefender.
      This one is the first in a serial i did just to make something unique like a painter
      in world of music.
      The track i've written just for this unique copie (dublate) an add my visual note on this.
      Now the serial starts.
      Anytime in ten years or so it could be i will bring all tracks of the serial in different ,additional versions at one Vinyl EP.
      But now the unique copie serial is for me all to come to the fore.
      This exemplares are be absolute unique and at first i just want to show them step by step here.
      Maybe i will sell this pices , i don't know. You able to set them for search at discogs for case it will appear for sell.
      It is not more or less than a painting of an Artist!! And this is my first one at this time, enjoy:
      I give some Soul into the tracks !!!