TECHNO / ARMAB061 : Research Code - Process Correction incl. Remixes

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    • TECHNO / ARMAB061 : Research Code - Process Correction incl. Remixes

      Armatura Records' mainstay project Research Code has landed once again on the platform, and these guys are not
      messing around. In advance of their upcoming LP, as we faintly see their last two EP's on the catalogue, we are
      taking off on a new adventure which is a remix project of their single 'Process Correction'. Soon as we heard this
      track we knew we had to sign it to AR and make some interesting collaborations for this truly epic main theme that
      the original is pushing. So we thought it would be effective to invite some new, and old names to make their
      interpretations for this occasion. Results are pretty self explanatory as we have plethora of styles to support our
      vision and round this release.Rey Alister's remix keeps the original elements flowing on an open sound for big rooms,
      stamping his own signature of evolving structure and spacious feel. Mudrost brings a more classic interpretation for
      his remix version, working the main theme to culmination point as a more driving variant of original track. On his process
      version he goes one step further, focusing on percussions and ambience for a massive tool offering. Forest People takes
      another approach and delivers a whooping effect with thunderous baseline and booming kickdrums, effective machine
      grind with vocal samples from the original cut. Final remix comes from Redial Tone and it's an abstract beauty, minimalist
      in essence with classic drum machine elements and filtered madness which makes for a perfect ending to this correction
      effort of the process by Research Code.

      Supported by

      James Ruskin, JXTPS, Unbalance, Abstract Division, Kyle Geiger, The Advent, Dave The Drummer,
      Dj Ogi, Scam. , Submerge, Alavux, Greencross, Javier Orduña, Bushby, Phone Subsist, Fromm,
      Brando Lupi, Drumcomplex, Patrick DSP..

      Released July 26, 2018

      W+P by Research Code
      Illustration by Non-Linear
      Mastering by Audioworkshop Studio