Making an "EDM Starter Pack." Need some opinion.

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    • Making an "EDM Starter Pack." Need some opinion.

      So I was talking to my uncle over Christmas and it seems he's going through a bit of a midlife crisis. He's become super stagnant, has lost all ambition to play guitar, and no longer wants to play any video games he's always loved to play. He can't find a new hobby to latch onto, but he did tell me how he's begun getting into different sorts of electronic music.

      So I've decided I'm going to give him a late surprise Christmas present titled as an "EDM starter pack."

      So far I have gathered for him: my old used akai mpk, ableton lite, my old used audio interface, some necessary cables, a handful of samples, and a copy of a few VSTs that'll give him solid foundation. movies download movies at forum

      Is there anything else you guys recommend for an "introduction pack?"

      Also, I want to type him up a brief guide to the basic terms and foundations he should be familiar with to get his feet wet. I also want to include some hyperlinks on the guide for some great YouTube tutorials that'll help him in the start.

      Any advice on things to address in the guide as well as recommendations on great youtube videos to include? I don't want to overlook anything. Trust me, this dude deserves it.

      Thanks and Happy New Year!!