What are some EDM songs that offer positive inspiration

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    • What are some EDM songs that offer positive inspiration

      So right now something I know i've been missing is inspiration. Right now I feel like I don't have inspiration in life, sometimes I go through periods of feeling like is grey neither grey not white just eh whatever. Im gonna be buying my tickets for escapade soon though and I cant wait, but in the meantime are there any songs that truly inspire living life to its fullest. EDM has always been one of my favourites, to find hope in even the dullest moments of our lives. free netflix netflix free trial upcoming movies

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    • I think the question you posed is a difficult one to answer and depends more-so on what you normally like listening to.

      Based-on the line-up for this said Escapade event you will be attending (assuming I found the right flyer based-in Ottawa, Canada?) I don't think there's much music on this particular site that would be considered modern-day "EDM".

      Quite the opposite to be honest.

      Not to discourage you by any means, but unless you give some examples of what you've enjoyed up to now, your request would make for a difficult feat.