Francois Dillinger - Space Trash EP (UKONX Recordings)

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    • Francois Dillinger - Space Trash EP (UKONX Recordings)

      Hi everyone,

      Francois Dillinger (Ben Worden) bridges a gap between the two worlds of electro and techno. His journey through the genres is dark while retaining a cerebral, dancefloor-oriented quality. This stems from influences of Industrial, Detroit electro, and even Ghettotech that were a part of his first explorations as a DJ. Now, after five years away from the Motor City, his recent return has reignited a connection to those early sounds. In the studio Francois uses primarily all hardware gear, utilizing Ableton for final arrangements and editing.

      Available right now on Bandcamp, Junodownload, itunes, spotify, etc...

      audio clips :

      See you soon

      Deemphasis / Ukonx