m31570 - Stars ( DEMO ) → Classic Electro

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    • July's show is up. 1st hour some solid new Electro, followed by some 4 x 4 action , which spans the spectrum

      96 Back - Ghzel_Tea
      Aquatronics - Frequency
      Transparent Sound - Awful Mutation
      Helleopause - Automaton
      Jesus Loves Acid - Fundamentals
      E.M.U. - Descent
      Remora - Untamed Fauna (Di'jital Remix)
      Detroit's Filthiest - Stay out my DM! feat. X-Rated
      Dj HasH & Presion - Nebulosa De Orion (Remix)
      The Adapt - Off the Chain
      Jenson Interceptor - Aqualung
      Nightwave - Quadratic Mind ft Martyn Bootyspoon_PM
      Falcon Black Ops - 9
      Mod Man - Exercise
      Lines Age - She's out There
      Another Alias - Poultry in Motion
      Vonda 7 - that is Right
      The Technarchist - Danse Macabre
      Christian Neilson - Set Me Free
      James Welsh - Hammers Hodge Remix
      Cocktail Party - I Feel Sick
      Textacy - Acid Eater
      Kade - Sanko
      ROB MA - FIX
      Vonda 7 - Babcia Kevin de Vries Version
      Sonye-Sankha - Dona Gotsome (GotLost n Africa Remix)
      Masalo - Yera Feat Doussou Koulibaly Carvery
      James Shendler - Arc
      Dircsen- - No Sign of Life
      Defekt - Split My Mind
      India Jordan - Leaving Stanley
      Finn - find You
      Mak Pasteman - Tell Ya Something (Junior Sanchez Remix)
      Gavin Frume - beginnings
      Frankie Knuckles - I'll Take You There
      Jesus Loves Acid - Swimming

      Thanks for tuning in!

      ps acccepting promos for review on Electric Kingdom and play on GFR.
      "There are no problems, only solutions".