m31570 - Cut That Out → Classic Electro 80s Breakdance Mix ...

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    • m31570 - Cut That Out → Classic Electro 80s Breakdance Mix ...


      Artist: m31570
      Title: Cut That Out - I've fallen , and I can't get up ! Mix
      Country: USA
      Released: 2019
      Genre: Electronic
      Style: Classic Elektro Hip Hip Mix Remix

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      m31570 is one of the recording aliases of OKC native EMS , who has been creating & producing electro music since 1993. m31570 made mix tapes in the 80s for friends useing the stop pause of the tape recordings . The 90s still collecting rap hip hop electro vinyl records started sampling songs to put in his mixxes. 2000 with the purchase of a computer and software made it easyer to create his on style of electro music.

      Influenced in the 1980s electro by Kraftwerk , Juan Atkins from cybotron , Model 500 , DJ Debonaire , and other electro music artist . The initial design of his studio was to have powerful electronic instruments, such as synthesizers vocoder and drum machines, computer music programing to give his music that space age feel .

      #Breakdance :headspin: