Dominance Electricity pres. DIBU-Z "Junk DNA" album (2x12" vinyl / CD / poster / download)

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    • Dominance Electricity pres. DIBU-Z "Junk DNA" album (2x12" vinyl / CD / poster / download)

      Dominance Electricity presents DIBU-Z "Junk DNA" (DE-029)

      Colorful darkness! Dibu-Z delivers his Electro debut album „Junk DNA“ on Dominance Electricity.

      The German producer, who has been releasing Electro and Techno on various labels since the early 2000‘s, recently also contributed to Dominance Electricity‘s extensive „Global Surveyor Phase 4“ various artist project.

      „Junk DNA“ is a dynamic package of carefully selected and sequenced songs, ranging from dystopic ambient pieces like „Where It All Ends“, epic Acid-Electro like „Breakaway Civilization“ to powerfull, mechanical-funk-loaded club bangers like „Gnarly“ and some relaxed deep-space-cruisers like „Isolated Particles“ inbetween.

      Packaged with flashy surreal artwork by American 3D grafic wunderkind Beeple, the album is available in all digital formats, on high quality glass-master-CD and on double 12-inch vinyl (standard black vinyl and deluxe edition transluzent red vinyl including a super-size poster.)

      Album tracklist:
      01. Where It All Ends
      02. Breakaway Civilization
      03. Metamaterial
      04. Gnarly
      05. Snatchers
      06. Aether Theories
      07. Isolated Particles
      08. Signal
      09. Battleship Routine
      10. Kabelschmelze
      11. Backup
      12. The Future In Your Eyes

      Album Teaser Medley:

      Pre-order now available:
      → vinyl cd poster:
      → download:

      Release date: 15. November 2019

      All songs written and produced by Dibu-Z, Germany.
      Mastered by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle.
      Artwork by Beeple.
      Executive-produced by MMW.
      ©℗ Dominance Electricity 2019

      Preview from the vinyl cutting room:
      (song: "Breakaway Civilization")

      This video shows the first step in transferring the music to vinyl – the lacquer cutting at the Schnittstelle studio in Berlin. (Thanks to Andreas Kauffelt!) These cuts into soft 14-inch lacquer discs are then used to produce the metallic stampers via electroplating at the pressing plant.