Remora - Easy Rider // Kraftjerkz 045

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    • Remora - Easy Rider // Kraftjerkz 045

      Hello Cyborgs,

      new Kraftjerkz 045

      Remora - Easy Rider

      pre-order vinyl and hear previews here:



      Brooklyn-based, Yugoslavian-born Maroje T is back as Remora with a new release on Kraftjerkz. His latest Remora release is a cohesive, synth-driven exploration, drawing influence from 80’s New Wave, Belgian New Beat, synth-pop, Italo disco and electro. Its aim is not to emulate; its nostalgia is grown-up and contemporary, filled with arpeggiated synths and metallic punctuation. There’s a play between light and dark here; the opening tracks take us on an easy, synth-pop voyage, as if through a neon dawn. Half-way through the EP, the mood shifts towards dystopic visions, with tracks like “Bitter Night” and “Green Sea” bringing to mind videogame-boss nostalgia and darker electro sentiments. The EP closes with the final, visceral “You Travel by Plane Often,” meant to be experienced with the body. The EP is primed to become a classic; it goes down easy but stays with you for a while, before wanting to be ingested again and again.

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