DEEMPHASIS - Searching EP (UKONX Recordings)

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    • DEEMPHASIS - Searching EP (UKONX Recordings)

      DEEMPHASIS - Searching EP
      RELEASE DATE : February 2nd, 2020


      The EP will be available as digital format on the UKONX Bandcamp but also on the major distribution channels, such as iTunes, JunoDownload, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.

      TRACK LIST :

      1 - Searching 5’51’’
      2 - Sector Seven 5’35’’
      3 - Harmonic Synchronization 5’53’’
      4 - Pain 6’22’’

      snippets :


      "Following on from 2018's Organic release, Deemphasis returns to Ukonx for this spellbinding electro four-tracker. "Searching", with its robotic vocals and vaguely menacing synths, sounds redolent of vintage Anthony Rother, while on "Sector Seven", the French artist opts for a more steely, metallic take on electro-funk. "Harmonic Synchronization" sees Deemphasis opt for a different approach, with wave upon wave of acid and eerie synths providing the basis for Kraftwerk-style vocals to unravel over high-paced breaks. "Pain" rounds off this fine, futuristic release with a combination of soaring synth sweeps, staccato rhythms and punchy 808 drums."

      also available on BANDCAMP :