VA Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 4 // ALONZO/Martial Canterel etc. KRAFTJERKZ 047

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    • VA Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 4 // ALONZO/Martial Canterel etc. KRAFTJERKZ 047

      Hello freakz,

      new release,

      Various Artists

      Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 4

      feat. Succisa, Martial Canterel, ALONZO, BPMF, AFQ

      vinyl is available through kraftjerkz bandcamp shipping now. the usual shops will get it soon. digital is also available now here. have a listen now: … e-volume-4

      check it.

      The fourth volume of Kraftjerkz’s quintessential compilation series Machine Funk is Our Game is a master class in unapologetic electro. This cohesive comp offers a range of material, from minimal, expressive electro suited for planetary voyages, to hard-hitting cuts ideal for peak time floors. Volume 4 showcases a vibrant range of artists both fresh and seasoned, including the prolific Serotonin Records labelhead BPMF and Brooklyn-based, Miami-raised Alonzo, who consistently brings his roots and the soul of electro to the foreground. The comp opens with Succisa’s raucous, slapping electro, whose sultry vocals set the tone before we shift into Martial Canterel’s “Larktro,” a track driven by futuristic synth melody, fueling a mood of both dystopia and euphoria. This is followed by Alonzo’s contribution: a nice complement to his recent release on Zement, with its growling 808 bass set against high-pitched synth. The comp then ramps up with the dance-oriented “Stoopid Triques” from BPMF, whose raw, textured cuts are made for high energy floors, and whose productions consistently keep listeners on their toes. Deep, hypnotic tones are peppered with exploratory sonic elements in the final send-off from AFQ, perfectly rounding out this dynamic compilation. If you’re a fan of body-oriented electro, this one’s a no-brainer.
      thanks for checking!
      -r KG :borg: :blaster: :headspin:

      "I program my home computer/beam myself into the future."