Dark Science Electro presents: MANASYt guest mix

    • Mix/Podcast

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    • Dark Science Electro presents: MANASYt guest mix


      MANASYt is a Bulgarian producer/DJ alias of Petar Tassev. With a long history of releases with labels like Kommando 6, Touchin Bass, Roulette Rekordz,
      Solar One Music, and Minimal Rome, he shouldn't be new to anyone tuning into Dark Science Electro over the last 10 years. Currently residing in China,
      he has shared the stage with the likes of Scan 7, Ultradyne, Legowelt, Cosmic Force, Mr. Velcro Fastener, Ekman, and more.
      This mix was prepared exclusively for Dark Science Electro.

      Sam Lowry - N1
      Pixelated Vision - Star Gazing
      Lowfish - Mv37
      Pamétex - Laque
      Federico Leocata - The Oblivion
      Kobol Electronics - Code 10
      Made - Entwist
      Voice Stealer - Eventuality
      Das Muster - Die Verlorenen
      Ultradyne - Dominatrix
      Ekman - Missing Satellite Problem
      Shemale - Aerobicide
      Cestrian - Hearse
      Kirdec - If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be In Your Revolution
      Plant43 - Emerald Abyss
      Lithium Parasites - Sombra De Neptuno
      Creepy Autograph - Lipstick & Hold
      Silicon Scally - FPS
      MANASYt - Space Coffin
      Poladroid - Stupid Bitch
      Darxus - Crime
      Decal - Age of Back Biting