MANASYt - Electro mix @ ATP Club (Xiamen, China)

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    • MANASYt - Electro mix @ ATP Club (Xiamen, China)

      My city finally got an underground electronic
      music club, I djed there last night. Here's the mix.

      Blast it. :headphones:

      Tracklist :

      Animistic Beliefs - Reflection Of A Language
      Zeta Reticula - Kelisiakia
      Essaie Pas - Danse sociale
      RXmode - Liquid
      The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller(feat. Paris The Black Fu) - Dimensional Shift
      Dj Di'jital - Gamma Radiation
      The Resonance Committee - Change
      Amboss - I Want 2 Live In My Car
      DJ Skurge - Sabotage
      Electric Soul - X²
      Hadamard - All I Think About
      The Aquanauts - Cruiseship Killa
      The Advent - Light Years Away
      Gosub & Taimur - The Controller
      214 - Lost Shovel
      Two Lone Swordsmen - Brootle
      The Sentinel - Wrong Time
      Assembler Code - BIOS
      Animistic Beliefs - Margiela Face Mask
      ShapeShiftr & The Sentinel - Electrik City