Dagobert & Kalson - STELLAR MODE // (STMO001)

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    • Dagobert & Kalson - STELLAR MODE // (STMO001)

      Stellar Mode 001 is carefully produced Electro spiced with uniquely crafted space sounds.
      The depth of every track on this release will take you through the soundscapes of known, mysterious, and unknown waves of sound.
      These are not electro bangers, rather a space electro voyages that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the universe in your own observatory.

      Available on 12" vinyl and digital.

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      Video teaser:

      Produced by: Dagobert Howe, Vladan Cvetkovic
      Mixed by: Vladan Cvetković
      Mastered by: Gregor Zemljič

      Artwork by: Camo Creative (Zoran Lalić)
      Teaser Video by: Michael Pfitzner