WE FORFEIT - Radio Relativa #12 — Interview with Eosim (Pulse Drift) & Robyrt Hecht (Clear Memory/YUYAY)

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    • WE FORFEIT - Radio Relativa #12 — Interview with Eosim (Pulse Drift) & Robyrt Hecht (Clear Memory/YUYAY)

      Tomorrow / Mañana 10/11/2020 12.00-14.00 CET radiorelativa.eu

      WE FORFEIT make a musical trip to Leipzig.The sights and sounds of the city are taken in with labels like BlackRed, Lunatic Rec and Rat Life visited before some serious chat with Eoism (Pulse Drift) and Robyrt Hecht (Clear Memory/YUYAY.) Two hours of music, discussion and revelations!

      WE FORFEIT visita un centro de música muy importante, Leipzig. Veamos las atraciones y joyas que la ciudad ofrece, como BlackRed, Lunatic Rec y Ratlife antes de que charlemos con Eoism (Pulse Drift) y Robyrt Hecht (Clear Memory/YUYAY.) Dos horas de música, conversación y revelaciones!

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      Sneaker :: Queen For A Night (Lunatic Rec.)
      The Pagan Rites :: Torpedo Ahead (Rat Life)
      Projekt Eins :: Hit'n'Run (Rat Life)
      Varum :: Funktion 3 (Pulse Drift)
      Varum :: Cosmos(Clear Memory)
      DVS NME :: Subsequence (Pulse Drift)
      Zagrebački Električni :: MariSari (Pulse Drift)
      Dexterous Numerics :: Soul Cube (Pulse Drift)
      1) Firstly, tell us who you are and what you guys are doing musically.
      Iteration Corporation :: Acacia (Pulse Drift)
      Carl Y. Scheele :: Saline Principle Of Water (YUYAY)
      2) How did you get first become interested in electronic music?
      Zsa Zsa Laboum :: Something Scary (The Sound of Belgium/La Musique Fait La Force)
      Kurt Y. Gödel :: Execute (YUYAY)
      Nachtzug :: Critic (PossblThings)
      The Human League :: Being Boiled (Virgin)
      3) You guys are based in Leipzig, a town that has a fecund music scene and one which some have dubbed the new Berlin as in a new heart of electronics in Germany. How would you guys describe Leipzig? Is this title of the new Berlin apt? Why do you think there is so much electronic music coming out of your city?
      Eargoggle + Weltwirtschaft :: Die Ganze Welt (Lunatic Rec.)
      Headnoaks :: Come Home With Me (BlackRed)
      4) You both make music and you both run record labels. Can you tell us about your own musical project? How do you make your sounds? Can you also give us an idea of the labels you are involved in? What sounds are these labels exploring?
      eoism :: Whiteout (Pulse Drift)
      eoism :: Im Vektorraum (Pulse Drift)
      eoism :: Critical Slowdown (Pulse Drift)
      Kurt Y. Gödel :: Chord Memory (YUYAY)
      Kurt Y. Gödel :: Chord Memory (Hyboid's Galactic Memory) (YUYAY)
      En Direct :: Chelsea Cut (Clear Memory)
      5) Famously, Leipzig has a pressing plant; R.A.N.D. You guys are very vinyl focussed with your own labels. What do you think is the future of vinyl?
      6) Robyrt, your label, YUYAY, released VEF 317’s VEF Radio with collaboration with R.A.N.D. and Possblthings. I don’t know of many tripartite label collaborations. How did this come about? How was it having three parties involved with a release?
      VEF 317 :: Retroman (PossblThings/R.A.N.D./ YUYAY)
      7) Jan, you just recently put out your third EP as eoism. Can you tell us about this release? What were you going for with it?
      eoism :: Notorious Flat Nation (Pulse Drift)
      8-) Robyrt, you just opened up your own record store; a brave venture if there ever was on. Why did you decide to do it? How’s it going? Where can we find it?
      Kurt Y. Gödel :: Rand (45) (YUYAY)
      9) A consistent theme of this year, an inescapable one if you will, has been COVID. How have you guys found running labels, making and releasing music during the pandemic?
      kon001 :: USO (Pulse Drift)
      Morphology :: Probing Desire (Pulse Drift)
      kon001 :: UW Colony xy70s (Pulse Drift)
      11) What does the future hold for you guys? Anything coming out soon?
      Uncanny Lovers :: Definition (Clear Memory)
      12) To finish, what about a guilty pleasure track from each of you? What are you listening to when nobody else is?
      Nik Kershaw :: Dancing Girls (Virgin)

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