The Poeticast - Episode 254 : Sam Lowry plays MANASYt

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    • The Poeticast - Episode 254 : Sam Lowry plays MANASYt

      The ever mysterious Sam Lowry mixes up 82 minutes of MANASYt tunes
      from his office at Information Retrieval. Almost all tracks were released
      on vinyl, in the last 18 years, labels mentioned in Tracklist.
      Hold on tight for this steep "nurolektro" ride! :P

      Welcome Home (Touchin' Bass)
      Badbye (Roulette Rekordz)
      Larkhill Letention Center (Dumb Terminal)
      Land Of The Fee (MNX)
      Asthma Murders (Dumb Terminal)
      Soul Dubbing (Dumb Terminal)
      First Bulgarian Empire (Anarchy In The Funk)
      Blood To Sand (Clueplant)
      Hookt (Bunker)
      Memory Imprints (Musar)
      IZON Industries (Bunker)
      Syringe Binge (Dumb Terminal)
      The Creep Lounge (Robodust)
      Scumfilter (MNX)
      Mortal Transfer (4mg Records)
      Hands (Bunker)
      60659 (MNX)
      Terminal Medicine (Musar)
      In Search Of Vaccine (Bunker)
      Mesu Kasumai - The Midnite Oil (MANASYt remix) (Bunker)
      IZROD (Robodust)
      Nothing Left To Ruin (Bunker)
      Sick Logic (Terminal Dusk)
      Upscale Function (Robodust)
      Helltaxi (Roulette Rekordz)
      Like You Said (Roulette Rekordz)
      1984 (Terminal Dusk)
      Lothar Schramm (Solar One Music)
      Wrist Sewing (Human Shield)
      Nurolektor (Dumb Terminal)
      Tightening The Tension (MNX)
      Vibro (Human Shield)
      Keep Walking (Psihoataka)
      Salt My Wounds (Bunker)
      Year Of The Devil (Terminal Dusk)
      Doctrine (Solar One Music)…254_manasyt_guest_mix.mp3…ode-254-manasyt-guest-mix