Maschinen Musik Newsletter v2.9

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    • Maschinen Musik Newsletter v2.9

      Postponed: Electronic Confessions - LIA
      Some might have noticed our announcement of Electronic Confessions "Lia" as next release. Well, because of technical glitches and because Dennis is moving, including his studio, we couldn't get the track mastered properly, yet. And as we won't settle for half things, we will postpone the release until we meet the quality standards you have come to expect from Maschinen Musik.

      Out next: T.R.O. - Phasejump

      But that of course doesn't mean, that there will be no music released by us until then. Maschinen Musik veteran T.R.O. is next with his first own release featuring the two original dancefloor bombs "Phasejump" and "Steampuk". Expect T.R.O. at his best with a genuine blend of Breakstep, Elektro, Breaks and the bass mayhem of DubStep. We will put up previews soon.

      In the row: Dr. Schmidt - The Engines of God

      And we will continue swiftly after T.R.O.'s outing and follow up with a two-tracker by the label boss himself. Dr. Schmidt has returned from the lab and brought two new masterpieces with him, "The Engines of Good" and "Quellcrist". Technobreaks galore! Expect previews soon as well.

      New cover artists:
      Laat but not least we want to point out our new cover artists, that have provided us with outstanding artwork for the two releases. Markus Vogt and Vitaly Bulgarov, two guys who are definitely worth checking out.