my new track please listen

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    • my new track please listen

      Nice synth sounds. Good EQ. Nice beat.

      My only gripe, as with most "new-school" style electro, is the repetitiveness. There isn't really any changes or change ups. Yea, there is some filtering here and there, the drums drop out for a bar or 2 but thats about it. For the most part, its the same from beginning to end and for me that tends to be a bit boring. I dunno, maybe thats style of "new-electro" and its suppose to be that way. :-/

      For me, creating an electro tune, or any style of song for that matter, is kinda like writing a story. It has to have a beginning, a middle with some sort of hook, a change up here an there, a climax, and then an ending while maintaining a general theme throughout. However, even an electronic musician can have writers block and are unable to accomplish these simple building blocks. I myself have a dozen or more songs Ive started but have never finished for that reason. It can be tough sometimes thats for sure...

      And just out of curiosity, what software programs and/or hardware synths are you using for music production?