SolarOneMusic [The Exaltics, Clatterbox, CPU, Sprawl, Gab.Gato, Kan3da,...]

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    • SolarOneMusic [The Exaltics, Clatterbox, CPU, Sprawl, Gab.Gato, Kan3da,...]

      We let you know the last Copys SOM01, SOM03, SOM04...
      available at <--<<

      3 Mini Cds incased by Metal + Solaronemusic Button!
      12 Tracks Featuring:
      Aliensextoy&X-Beat, AS 1, Clatterbox, Equitant, The Exaltics,
      Franck Sarrio, Gab.Gato, Goliath, Impakt, Lightyear, Sprawl, SLF.

      Thanks to all our fans and artists to keep the invasion alive!
      Save the Underground.

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    • The Exaltics E.P. inkl Kan3da remix exclusive on Clone !!!

      now exclusive available at<<--<

      Solar One Music always has a very special way of presenting their highly collectable releases. Previously, SOM001 was only available as a USB stick, but now it's back again as a very limited (less than 50 copies) CDrom. Pop it in your computer and you can either listen to them on the special Solar One Music flash application (which looks really great!), burn the tracks as an audio CD, or just import them to your favorite MP3 player... To finish it off, the CD is wrapped in a silver bubble wrap bag. But don't forget about the most important thing though; 4 excellent electro tracks by The Exaltics, know from their releases on Z-Bop and Transient Force. Both PC and MAC compatible!!

      Electroalliance Review<<--<
    • SolarOneMusic [The Exaltics, Clatterbox, CPU, Sprawl, Gab.Gato, Kan3da,...]

      Crotaphytus-The Bite of the Reptiles ep is SOLD OUT !!!

      Special ''Lightscribe CD-R'' Edition which is served to you in a beautiful metal box. This ten track ep features five Crotaphytus tracks and additional great remix works from Aliensextoy, Komarken Electronics, Franck Sarrio and CPU. Only 100 copies made...

      mission complete !!!<<--<

    • Thanks for this nice words....

      Crotaphytus – The Bite Of The Reptiles E.P. – SolarOne Music 02
      reviews by Andrea Benedetti for Superfly Mag.

      CROTAPHYTUS 'The bite of the reptiles' Solar One Music
      New project for Solar One Music, little but powerful label 'somewhere in
      Germany'. Starting for a devotianl love for electro, mainly focused on a
      drexcyian point of view, the label explores the endless possibility that this
      stylo could have, still today. Rare, but beatiful release as their first one, a
      USB stick with four amazing tracks from The Exaltics, the main group of the
      label. Now the chosen format it's a classical CD, but with an intriguing metal
      case with an artwork arriving directly from a '50 science fiction movie. The
      music came from the US producer Crotaphytus that delivers to us five great
      tracks between EBM and german electro. Five very good examples of a perfect mix
      between melody and rhythm. You can find also an intro form The Exaltics and
      four remixes from CPU, Komarken, Aliensextoy and the great Bunker producer,
      Franck Sarrio. A great confirmation.
      (this review has been released on Superfly no. 13)

      Peace from Planet Rome